"When I needed assistance Rob was prompt, polite and courteous and able to give me unhurried knowledgeable advice”.

"I rely on Rob to keep me up to date with my laptops and iPhones.

 A few months ago I needed to upgrade my laptop to a new windows version so that it would be faster and more reliable.  He did this for me.  That was great because I didn’t have a clue how to do it myself.  He also showed me how to use it because it was different from the previous version and that saved me many hours of time and frustration. 

Rob also encouraged me to buy an iPhone because my old mobile phone was very basic.  He patiently showed me how to use it so I began to develop confidence.  He introduced me to new applications and I’m now becoming reliant on my mobile  for everything just like everyone else!" 

"Although I've been using email and websites for fifteen years, I panic when things go wrong. Rob's ongoing help is invaluable. As well as sorting out problems, he is trustworthy and supportive so I don't mind him knowing my limitations in the computing world. Rob came to the store with me when I bought an iPad recently and I felt a lot more confident in making an expensive purchase with him there to guide me."   

"I am a mature, capable, competent individual. Happy to tinker, fiddle and repair all domestic appliances, mechanical devices and restore classic cars. Yet suffer brain freeze when the computer malfunctions. Why do computer retailers fail to tell you that they have a limited life and need SERVICING! Thankfully; Rob rides to the rescue both in person and down the line. Thanks for saving my bacon innumerable times."